New ADR Shirt & Hoodie Pre-Orders

ADR Attitude Tee

There are currently a lot of people on the wait-list for our previous “Attitude Is Everything” shirt so we figure it’s time to get another run going. There were two suggestions with the last run that we did and they are as follows. We want lady sizes We want sweatshirts During the first run only […]

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GORUCK Pre-Selection Events


It was a few weeks ago that Big Daddy aka Cadre John posted a link to a list of GORUCK events planned for 2015. The post was made in the Tough group so I never mentioned it on the website. Besides the standard Lights, Challenges, and Heavies there was one event addition to the list […]

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Paracord Handles and Key Fobs

Fish Tail Handle On Ruck Wide

About a week ago we added a line of paracord handles and key fobs made by Kevin Maestri to the ADR shop. So far the reviews have been very positive which is always something I love to see. I had this attached to me ruck for my Goruck challenge and light in Flagstaff, AZ and […]

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MLCH: The Newest GORUCK Event


MLCH is (kind of) the newest GORUCK event. First it was the HCL, then it was HCLS, and now it’s the MLCH. What’s the MLCH? It’s a reverse HCL (Light -> Challenge -> Heavy) with the Meat Head challenge stacked on the front. Want a better description of this event? Check out the except from […]

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GORUCK Price Drop & New Gear

GORUCK GR1 Black Red Front

It’s been a big two weeks for GORUCK as they’ve both dropped the price of their events and released some good looking new gear! Event Price Drop Over the past few days GORUCK has pushed out a new, more dynamic, pricing structure for their events. The new pricing structure is now based around the month […]

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New Padded Handles & LFUPs

Colored Padded Handles

Two weeks ago we ran a poll asking what color gear people would like to see produced. The information was gathered and Todd went to work! Gear N8tion aka Todd came back with some Coyote LFUPs and handles AS WELL AS some amazing looking KRYPTEK Typhoon handles. As you can tell from the pictures these […]

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MOTUS LE Shirts & Patch Restocks


It must have been a month or two ago that MOTUS announced they were releasing some limited edition shirts modeling their limited edition patches. They ran the pre-order for one week then shut it off and, as of until now, if you didn’t get in you were sunk. Thankfully for you we got in… and […]

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Monster & Jason Facebook Interview (8/7/2014)

Monster Beer

Exactly 3 months from their last interview Monster and Jason are back to answer your questions. I’ve done some minor editing including the spelling of GORUCK (goruck to GORUCK… GoRuck to GORUCK… basically any misspelling of GoRuCK to GORUCK) and fixing for proper capitalization. The integrity of the Q & A session has not been […]

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Streamlight Enduro Headlamp Review


While getting ready for my most recent GORUCK event I noticed that all of my old headlamps had rusted out (thanks to Seattle’s salt water.) I took this as a sign that I needed to review another headlamp. Instead of going for a nice expensive piece of gear I wanted to find the cheapest waterproof […]

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Yoga Blocks, PT Belts, & Custom Shirts


It’s only Wednesday and GORUCK has already dropped two pieces of gear and a new custom shirt announcement. To keep everything ordered we’ll start off with the new gear (yoga block and PT belt) then get into the shirt/random gear announcement. New Gear So far this week GORUCK has released a yoga block (for holding […]

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