GORUCK Changes Event Discount

GORUCK Black Rucks

I guess it was only a matter of time before GORUCK decided to change their event discount program. Starting tomorrow (4/17/2014) at midnight (PST) black rucks will no longer fall under the 20% off event discount. However, if you were looking for a colored ruck then you’ll be happy because all of the colored packs […]

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Smashing Limits Mario Patch

Smashing Limits

Purchase Info: Bought off of SkyMall. Smashing limits one brick at a time… I really can’t think of a more fitting statement to summarize training for and completing a GORUCK event. There are so many limits that people impose on themselves or feel that they have and there’s nothing like a GORUCK Challenge to smash […]

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GORUCK Training Blog Archive

HCL 001 PT Test

For the past 300 some days GORUCK has been running a daily workout blog with tons of PT to prepare you for GORUCK events. After doing a poll they have decided to halt the daily workout section and focus on other areas of the Training blog. According to the final daily workout on the Training […]

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Miller High Life GORUCK Patch

Miller High Life

I was looking through my collection trying to figure out which patch to post this week and remembered that Monday was National Beer Day. April 7th commemorates the day that low alcohol beer became legal (in 1933) and I figured what better patch to celebrate this week than one of the few GORUCK beer logo […]

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Weirdo Patch


The patch of the week is the Weirdo patch which was purchased off of the GR SkyMall for $8 or $10 shipped. Proceeds from the sales of the patch went to support the Green Beret Foundation. Every time I see this patch I think of Cadre John aka Big Daddy. During the near entirety of […]

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ADR Store Update (3/28/2014)

Shelterwood Split

As HCL 001 is underway we’re busying ourselves here by adding a few more products to the store. These are all Field Notes related so if that’s not something you’re into then we apologize… but we think they’re cool and they’re made in the USA. Field Notes Shelterwood Limited Edition The Spring release from Field […]

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