GORUCK Dog Leash (Old vs New)

GORUCK Dog Leash Comparison Top Back

Back in November of 2013 GORUCK released a dog leash for our canine friends. Shortly after in December, 2013 they pulled it from the site and promptly refunded everyone who had purchased one. It was a month or so until they released a new updated version of the leash and it wasn’t until recently that […]

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GORUCK Christmas in July 2014


Everyone’s favorite (or second favorite) holiday is back… Christmas in July! Starting today you will receive 50% off of GORUCK Light and Challenge events, 25% off of GORUCK Heavy events, and if you want to take part in Selection you’ll have to pay double. That’s right… if you want make sand castles on the Florida […]

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GORUCK Store Update (7/3/2014)

GORUCK Double Loop Tac Hat

I guess GORUCK forgot something in their 7/1/2014 store update because this gem just showed its face on their site. What happens when one piece of Velcro on a Tac Hat just isn’t enough? I guess, if you’re GORUCK, you add a second… Introducing the GORUCK Mesh Tac Hat – Double Loop. The Double Loop […]

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Gear N8tion Restock (6/30/2014)


Over the last 3 or 4 days we’ve received 3 boxes stuffed with awesome product from Gear N8tion. We’ve received a restock of padded and reflective padded handles as well as more HK Quick Clips. The box that just arrived today is the one that I’m sure most people are excited for as it contained […]

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