Racing 4 Valor 2015 Memorial Virtual Run

Racing For Valor Patch

During the month of March you can get 10% off your registration with the code ALLDAYRUCKOFF. Just sign up on their website! The Racing 4 Valor organization was created by Mark Webb with the purpose of creating events that benefit military charities. You may know Mark as he was the organizer behind the $1 Million […]

GORUCK Scars Review (2/20/2015)

SCARS Round 3 GR1 Tear

On 2/20/2015 I shipped my prized 2011 GR1 off to GORUCK Scars for some TLC. The issue? There was a small tear forming at the top of the bag and I figured it was time to have that looked at. This GR1 was purchased in August, 2011 and accompanied me on my first GORUCK event: […]

Shipping to Canada

Canadian Landscape

We finally had enough time to implement a shipping option for our neighbors in the north! That’s right all you Canadians… you 3% of our readers… you can now purchase items from the ADR Online Store. We’re currently using USPS First-Class Package International Shipping which allows us to mail packages up to 4 pounds. Every […]

Tactical Tailor Removable Operator Pack Preview

Tactical Tailor Removable Operator Pack - Front

I mentioned in my year end review that one of the most common questions I receive about packs is from people looking for ~$100 packs for GORUCK events. I looked around a lot and stumbled upon the Tactical Tailor Removable Operator Pack. This backpack retails for $115 on the Tactical Tailor site but is routinely […]

New Watson & ADR Patches Released

Tab & Patch Litespeed

Just a quick update here for the 1st of March. We’ve dropped our Watson shield patch which is one of the more exciting releases for us. It’s available right now in the ADR Shop for $8. In addition we’ve released a tab patch that fits perfectly over the Watson shield… they’re quite the match and […]

Triple Aught Design Litespeed V2 Review

Triple Aught Design Litespeed Review - Front

This review is for the second iteration of the Triple Aught Design Litespeed. This is an EDC review which stands for Every Day Carry. This means that the pack was not used for training or events but instead as a work/life bag. I purchased this bag at retail price and have no relationship with Triple […]