Paracord Handles and Key Fobs

Fish Tail Handle On Ruck Wide

About a week ago we added a line of paracord handles and key fobs made by Kevin Maestri to the ADR shop. So far the reviews have been very positive which is always something I love to see.

I had this attached to me ruck for my Goruck challenge and light in Flagstaff, AZ and it worked great. It never came undone or fell apart during all of the overhead presses that we did. I also used it while our team was not allowed to use our ruck straps. With six bricks and 3L of water the handle held together better than I did!

So far I have trained with these handles but I have yet to use one in an event. Seeing positive feedback from fellow GRT is great because they’ve been through events and generally know what works. I’ve got one of these on my pack right now and am excited to use it at my next event. The pictures from this post are of my handle on my event pack. That’ beauty has seen 8+ events and still looks amazing… hard to believe right?

Fish Tail Handle On Ruck Distance Wide

These handles come in two different types of styles… Fishtail and Cobra. We currently have four colors of Fishtail handles and two colors of Cobra in stock. I’m thinking the black/red Cobra handle would look amazing on one of those new black/red GORUCK packs.

Cobra Handles

Cobra Handles 2 Colors Wide

Currently available in the ADR Shop.

Fishtail Handles

Fishtail Wide

Currently available in the ADR Shop.

Key Fobs

Moneky Fist

The two styles of Key Fobs are the standard and the monkey fist. The idea behind these is that you can attach them to the inside of your ruck then use them if you need paracord during an event. There have been plenty of times where we’ve needed to attach team weights and other gear to rucks and each time we end up digging paracord out on some ruck. I’m planning on stashing one of these in my pack so that if this happens at an event I’m at we’ll know immediately where the paracord is at.

Paracord Key Fob

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Harry Zouros
1 year 3 days ago

Definitely my favorite addition to my GR1 is Kevin Maestri’s custom handle. Its awesome looking and super strong. It holds up great under the hardest conditions!