Angler Patch

Angler Patch
Purchase Info: Purchased off of SkyMall using the SPEARHEAD order form.

I was trying to figure out which patch should be featured this week that would be represent this week and the community. I settled on the Angler patch which was created for a 70 year old Vietnam Veteran who completed GORUCK Challenge Class 943. He was featured on the GORUCK Facebook page as he is the oldest person to ever complete a GORUCK Challenge. The Angler patch is currently being sold for $10 and is GORUCK and ANGLER Approved. The proceeds will go to benefit the Charlotte Bridge Home Charity (Angler’s choice). The following description is taken off of the GORUCK SkyMall post, which is where I purchased the patch from.

For those of you who missed Angler’s story, here it is. Angler (Howard Duvall) is a 70 year old Vietnam Veteran who lives in Charlotte. He has been training with SPEARHEAD for the last six months, and just completed GORUCK Challenge Class 943 last weekend to become the oldest person to complete the GRC, as well as the third Vietnam Veteran GRT. Angler is a true inspiration, and he NEVER quits.
Mark Pearce said it best – “70 year old Vietnam Vet completed the GRC… YOUR excuse is invalid”
Thank you for your support of this cause,

With Memorial Day still in the air I thought this patch would make a great choice for the patch of the week. Always remember the sacrifice that many, many people have made protecting your freedom.


  1. Howard Duvall, III says

    Thank you ADR. Charlotte Bridge Home has embraced an important and significant mission benefitting our veterans and our community. I am grateful for the overwhelming support for this wonderful organization. Angler

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