On Vacation (May, 2014)

We can’t work hard all the time… sometimes we just need to take a break and hardly work. Some of you (soon to be all of you) know that my wife graduated from Seattle University’s School of Law last weekend. She hasn’t had a break from school since Kindergarten so we’re going to celebrate this occasion by taking a trip to Cancun. None of this really impacts you unless you’re planning on placing an order in the ADR Store.

For the past week we’ve had that banner flying at the top alerting everyone that no orders will be shipping while we’re out of the country. Between that and this post I hope everyone knows that Tuesday the 27th is the earliest that their order will be shipped out. If you received an “Order Completed” email then your package has been mailed… if you did not then it didn’t make the cut. Don’t worry… the wait will make the arrival that much sweeter right?

I’ve gone ahead and written some posts in advance for this week. That’s right… there are posts lined up for the rest of the week (including a new product release) so there will still be fresh content while we’re gone. A new product release while on vacation probably isn’t the smartest thing that’s been done but it’s a really cool item so I want to get the info out there as quick as possible.

Upon our return we’ll be packaging and mailing orders in the order they were received. Judging from our typical number of weekly orders it will take a day or two to get them all out the door but rest assured they will make it to you. Here’s to hoping all of you have as great a week as possible.


  1. Carlos Orduz says

    Have a great time guys….if you need sone help with your spanish…I’m your hombre.

  2. Mike says

    Congrats to your wife on graduating law school! The fun really begins once she starts studying for the bar exam. I know what that is like first hand although it was quite a while ago. My daughter has another year.

    • says

      Thanks brother! She starts studying for the bar exam today and I predict it will be a lot of work for her. Thankfully she only has to study for 2 months but I think it will be a very, very busy 2 months.

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