Tragedy in Syracuse

GORUCK Syracuse

It has been quite the weekend for the GRT community. On Saturday, May 17th 2014 we lost a fellow GRT during a GORUCK Challenge in Syracuse, NY. Jason posted the news on the Tough page along with a very detailed and transparent account of the incident. For those who don’t have access to the Tough page I’m sure more news will be released in the coming days. To summarize the GRT was on the side of the road when a driver swerved right, over the line, and struck him. There were EMTs in the class who did everything they could for him. One team member chased the car down and the police and medics were on the scene shortly after the incident occurred.

Police are currently investigating the incident so I’m sure the truth of the tragedy will come to light eventually. Currently the major news article circulating about the incident is this one on the Syracuse website.

People from the community have already set up various fundraising pages to raise money for the GRT’s family and are doing what they can to support them. If you’re looking for a way to visibly show your support for Jeff you can consider changing your profile picture to the GORUCK Arrowhead with a line through it. The following quote explains the significance of this act.

When a firefighter dies in the line of duty, or other sworn public safety personnel for that matter, we place a black piece of cloth across our badges to show support for the fallen and solidarity in the community.

While GORUCK may not fit the mold of public safety, we are a community, and this bond applies. For those GORUCKers who want to show support for Jeff and his family, you may make this your profile picture.

Let’s live the motto “One Team, One Fight”

RIP Jeff Proietti

Currently there is a shirt from Team 1 Cares and a “Burpees for Jeff Proietti” gofundme account raising money for the family. Jason has posted the following in regards to all of the fundraising that has risen from this incident.

Fundraising update for Jeff’s family. I have asked Big Daddy to work with a close family friend of Jeff’s in the establishment of an official fundraising account to benefit Jeff’s family. GORUCK Nation’s aggression to help the family is overwhelming and and incredible show of force already. But no I don’t want you making out checks to me or to GORUCK but thanks for the trust to that end you all are really something awesome, one team one fight style. An official page/account will centralize the efforts and there will be no middleman between the money and the family. Once it’s set up (tomorrow – best guess), I’ll post the link on the Tough Group. Godspeed.
– Jason (Owner of GORUCK)

All Day Ruckoff will be assisting in the fundraising effort when Jason releases more information. For now we’ll be praying for Jeff’s family as they make the difficult decisions that we’re sure they never dreamed they’d have to make. Burial plots, coffins, nothing comes easy when an unexpected loss of someone so young happens. We pray for Jeff, his children, his wife, the Cadre, his brother (who was also in the class) and his friends that they have strength during this difficult and depressing time.

One team, one fight. Rest easy brother… although we never met, you will be missed. The GRT community certainly lost someone special this weekend.


  1. Christine says

    This is just awful. I hope the driver gets brought to justice. Thoughts and prayers are with the family.

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