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Here’s some pretty exciting information that I’m guessing no one saw coming. All Day Ruckoff is now an official supplier of MOTUS gear. We’re going to stick with their patches to start with because they line up quite nicely with the view point of All Day Ruckoff. However, there’s a chance we’ll stock some of their shirts or other gear in the future… only time will tell.

There will probably be two groups reading this post: those who read ADR often and those who collect patches. To make this announcement easier I’ll separate this post into two sections with one for each group.

What’s MOTUS?

MOTUS Background
The first group I’ll address is the the one that reads ADR often. MOTUS is an online website that is designed for a new breed of modern-day adventurers, philosophers and warriors. MOTUS, when loosely translated from Latin, means moved, stirred, and inspired. Their contributor list is impressive, to say the least, and includes such people as Clint Terrill, Zach Berning, and Patrick York Ma (formally of Triple Aught Design). This is just a small subset of the list of contributing authors that can be found on their website.

They run a great website that has gathered quite a following in a very short period of time. I’ve followed the website for months and have always enjoyed the content that they have produced. After talking with Clint on the phone a few times I knew this would be a company that I would love to support. That decision lead to a small collection of MOTUS patches for sale in the All Day Ruckoff store.

What’s ADR?

If you stumbled upon this post because you are in the market for MOTUS patches then that’s awesome. If you’re wondering what type of MOTUS fans we know that we are big ones and have a serious collection of their patches (including CHC). We’re also very excited to see what PDW releases when their site goes live… that’s the type of people we are.

Having said that All Day Ruckoff is a website that features gear reviews, training tips and ideas, and event AARs. In addition we have a nice online store which features original patches and gear complimented by gear and patches from companies that we believe in. It’s as simple as that.

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