Backorder Option Now (Somewhat) Available

It should be noted that we’ve turned the backorder option off in favor of a wait list. If a product (or variation of a product) is out of stock you can sign up for the wait list and be notified once it comes in.
With the recent uptick in HVS-V orders Todd Forkner (Gear N8tion) and I talked and discussed allowing for backorders. The HVS-V is the first item that we’re allowing for backorder… kind of as a test to see how this all works. We’d like to offer all of Gear N8tion’s items on backorder but that won’t be possible for the time being due to the amount of time it takes him to create some of the items (read Brick Panel). The last thing I want is for 10 Brick Panels to be ordered on backorder then his family never sees or hears from him again.

Allowing backorders brings about some interesting challenges. First off what happens to the other items you bought? Do they hang around with me for a week or two before the next shipment from Gear N8tion arrives? Are they mailed out first then the backordered items are mailed out second? After some careful thinking I think we have a solution that will work out for everyone. If you order your items and choose the “Standard” shipment method then your items will mail out when the backordered gear shows up. If you’d like your gear to arrive in two shipments (first being the items in stock and second being the backordered items) then you can select a new shipment method that has been added. We’re still playing around with the name of the new shipment method (feel free to give ideas) but we want to convey that it’s for orders that contain backordered items and that you’ll end up getting two packages.

We’ve come up with the name “Backorder (2 Packages [Avail/Backorder]) which is long, cumbersome, but gets the point across. For $2.25 more you can get the items in stock sent to you immediately then the remaining backordered items sent when they are in stock. Doing this allows us to give you options and, at the same time, keep our standard shipping costs low.


  1. Todd Forkner says

    More HVS-V supplies are rolling in early next week. I’ll also add two more colors to the lineup: blue and pink.

  2. Michelle says

    Make more stuff….consumer want more stuff :) Kidding! I can’t wait until more items come back in stock. I guess this happens during peak ruck season…thank you for all the awesomeness you all help create!

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