Rucking With Dogs

Resting on the Steps

The truth of the matter is that dogs are truly are man’s best friend. And who better to take on a long ruck with you than your best friend? It’s common sense like this that leads me to create this series of posts… that and I really like showing off my dog Watson. Each post will cover a different area of rucking with dogs including the gear that’s necessary (and helpful) for rucking with a dog, the joys of rucking with a dog, and the absolutely worst part of rucking with a dog. It will be most useful to you (I assure you) to read them in the following order:

  1. Necessary Equipment
  2. The Joys
  3. The Pain

You’ll find the best equipment (I’ve tried a lot) and my feedback… as well as lots of glamour photos of Watson. After reading the series let me know what you think! Will you be taking your pup rucking with you or will you be leaving him at home?

Watson Spilling Water

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