Pull Up Challenge (1k, 2.5k, 5k)


This thing is blowing up faster than I expected it to. Because of this I’ve created a separate Facebook Group where people can post and view information on the event. I’ll still be updating the website with posts as patch selection and other information comes out. The price of the patch is still to be determined but it will either be offered at cost or cost + donation to the GBF. I will not be making money off of it.

In addition there is now a Google Doc to track your progress. There is one tab per level of the event so fill out your numbers in the proper location

Original Post

So we’ve done the 10k Push Up challenge and we’re currently working through the Warrior5000 challenge right now. Gregg (on twitter) brought up the idea of a pull up challenge to keep the events going and I think that’s a great idea. After talking for a bit the Pull Up Challenge has been born. There’s 3 different levels to participate at and I think each is pretty difficult. Pull Ups are easily one of my weakest areas so I’m going to use this time to improve on them and hopefully get to at least the 2,500 pull up level.


We DID have a graphic designer contact us and he put together some patch ideas. Go vote on your favorite design and it will be made for the challenge.


  1. Jon says

    I am going to finish the 10000 (8000 to go on Day 5) pushup challenge and then go for the 1000 pullup challenge. looking forward to it!

  2. Chris R says

    Is there going to be a donation to GBF in order to get the patch? I missed this orig post, so I am going to start tomorrow.

    • says

      Still figuring out costs but know that I will not be benefiting from the sales. They will either be sold for cost or for cost + GBF donation (going to the $1 million 4 GBF fund)… it just depends on the cost of patches.

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