Merry Christmas Everyone (2013)

Watson Christmas 2013
Merry Christmas everyone! This post is early on Christmas Eve because the rest of the day and all of tomorrow will be spent with family and friends. I hope everyone who’s home is able to get some time off from work and spend it with the ones they care about. I also hope that everyone who is deployed knows that we’re incredibly thankful for their service. My cousin-in-law just finished Marine Basic earlier this month and is home for Christmas. I’m very excited to be seeing him tomorrow because I know this could be the last Christmas for awhile that he’s home. We can’t dwell on that though, he’s here now and I can’t wait to see him and the rest of the family.

Now on to Christmas Gifts. I’ve implemented something special into the website which may be exciting or it may not be… all depends on what excites you. I’m still watching the results of it on the back-end of the website but everything is looking good so far. There was a soft-release for the feature a few days ago (no announcement) and I’ll officially announce it sometime between now and New Years… or after New Years… sometime it will be announced. My one hint will be if you like getting store credit, free (or discounted gear), and whatever else I can think of for posting here and in the forums you may want to make an account on the website.

New Years will be a fun time. Besides the fact that it will 2014 it will also be close to the 1 year birthday of ADR (February). I’ve got a pretty fun post planned for the end of the year including a lot of data surrounding the traffic to the website, the hosting we use (and used), and a few other things. For now though, Merry Christmas and have a great holiday!


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