Source Hydration Storm Valve Review

Source Hydration Storm Valve - Covered
The Source Hydration system has different options for bite valves. There’s the Helix valve and the Storm valve and I get a number of emails about the difference between the two of them. This review is for the Source Hydration Storm valve.


I’ve used the Storm valve for a few events and during some training exercises. I don’t have as much experience with it as I do the Helix valve but I have a decent feel for it.


I’ve used the Storm valve for a few events and training exercises here and there and it has held up very well. The Helix valve that I have has taken quite the beating and is still going strong which leads me to believe that the Storm will hold up equally as well. The build quality on them is the same so I would expect similar results in this category.


Source Hydration Storm Valve - Closed

Here the valve is closed…

Source Hydration Storm Valve - Open

…and here the valve is open

The Source Helix valve utilizes the standard water bottle open and close system with an added lock. To get water out of the bladder with this bite valve you need to twist it (first) then pull it out and it will open. Although I do like the bite valve on the Helix if this is what you’re used to then you won’t be disappointed. One feature that I do want to look into is how well it performs in the freezing temperatures. The Source websites states that this valve is great for “extremely cold weather” so I want to see if it freezes like how its brother the Helix is known to.


The Source Storm valve comes attached to source bladders (if you choose the Storm version over the Helix) but if you want a replacement you can find them on Amazon or similar websites for around $10.


Overall I think the Storm bite valve is a great addition to the Source hydration system. At about $10 it’s inexpensive enough that you can buy one to see if you like it and prefer it over your current Source bite valve (assuming you have the Helix). I’ll update this article once I’m able to get the valve out in freezing temperatures to see how it holds up. Hoping the answer to that will be “very well” and I’ll be able to use it for the upcoming HCL.


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