Steel Flame MOLLE Clip Review

Steel Flame PDW Top

When I was at the Arden Tough Range Day event I received a few comments on the MOLLE clips that were attached to my pack. Sometimes I forget that not everyone knows about some of the smaller companies out there, which makes sense, because it wasn’t too long ago that I didn’t know who Steel […]

Wolf Grey GORUCK GR1

Wolf Grey GR1 Outside

The GORUCK GR1 in Wolf Grey dropped Thanksgiving night and sold out within 30 minutes. Don’t worry if you didn’t get one… GORUCK has confirmed a restock so that you won’t have to pay ridiculous prices for one. I was able to pick one up and thanks to the magic of living ~10 miles from […]

Triple Aught Design Litespeed V2 Preview

TAD Litespeed V2 - Front

Triple Aught Design recently re-released their Litespeed backpack. This second version made some substantial changes that I think are a huge improvement. This is a preview post which means it’s not a review. I received the pack about a week ago so I have not had time to put it through its paces yet but […]

Paracord Fishtail Handle Review

Gray Fishtail Paracord Handle

If something is going to be sold in the ADR Store then we want to ensure that it’s amazing. There’s nothing worse than being disappointed as a customer (we know from experience) so we do our best to ensure everything we sell is tested by us. I was fortunate enough to be able to test […]

RuckWorks PatchPALS Review

RuckWorks PatchPALS - Grey Spearhead

PatchPALS are a way to add more Velcro to your ruck by utilizing the webbing that your ruck already has. They are Velcro rectangles (2″x1″) that are sewn to a Velcro attachment piece which wraps around any webbing on your ruck. As I type this I realize that this is a terrible explanation so hopefully […]

GORUCK Shadow Ruck SD25 Review

GORUCK SD 25 Sewn Logo

One of the most often asked questions asked to me is about a cheaper alternative to a GR1 for GORUCK events. Everyone wants a bag that is tough enough for a GORUCK event but not everyone wants to pay $295 for one. The Shadow rucks were released in October, 2013 and were priced from $95 […]

Brick Panel Review

Brick Panel - Hanging Left Side

Update: The Kickstarter was not successful but Todd (Gear N8tion) has made some for sale in the ADR Store. If there are any available they can be found here. Todd Forkner has designed a way to easily and conveniently strap bricks into your GORUCK pack. I got in contact with him and was able to […]

GORUCK Sternum Strap Review

GORUCK Sternum Strap Foliage Attached

A week or so ago GORUCK released a sternum strap (finally) for their rucks. It only took them 3 years or so but it’s finally here… the GORUCK sternum strap. I picked one up (along with a few other things) and figured I’d post some pictures and my thoughts on it. As many of you […]

Web Dominator (ITW) Review

ITW Web Dominator Front

Web Dominators have been crucial to my hydration system since my second GORUCK Challenge. During my first challenge my bladder’s hose was flopping all over the place and wouldn’t stop smacking me in the side of the head. In addition every time we did anything remotely close to the ground the hose would just drag […]