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Every now and then I receive an email, tweet, or message asking about GORUCK forums… mainly where are they. The answer is always the same: GORUCK does not have forums. I’ve emailed GORUCK numerous times and the responses I always get are that they’re focusing on other aspects of the company (which is awesome) and that there is the GRT, GRL, GRH, GRS, and numerous spin-off Facebook groups. Now most people reading this know how I feel about using Facebook as a forum… it just doesn’t work. Facebook is meant more for time oriented posts which is why there are “boot recommendation” posts every week in the GRT group.

I’ve done a lot of looking around and have not found a great forum to have GORUCK related discussions on. Either the forums aren’t active or the topics get deleted. Did you know that some forums delete all GORUCK based topics?

This is where (hopefully) the new All Day Ruckoff forums come into play. These have been in development since the end of September and all of the bugs should be worked out of them. One of my favorite features is that your ADR forum and ADR store accounts are one in the same so you’ll only need to remember one account for this website. I really feel like that brings it all together and makes it easier for users. In addition I’ve installed Tapatalk plugins so if you are a Tapatalk user you can access the forums using that. Your “My Account” page now has a link to edit your forum profile. There you can include a description for yourself and a signature.

As of right now there are two moderators (mbakes and myself) to make sure nothing gets out of control. The only posts we’ll be moderating are those that are filled with hate (keep your attitude positive) and spam. Now I’ve never started a forum before so we’ll see how this goes. From what I’ve seen the activity level on forums are what really makes or breaks them. If this ends up crashing and burning (which I truly hope it does not) then I’ll end up removing them (there’s nothing more depressing than stumbling upon a forum where the last post was years ago). If you have any questions about this leave a comment here or, better yet, post somewhere in the forums!


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    This is what I thought you were adding although I still think Chat Roulette function would be fun. Just random naked dudes with GORUCK packs on. Who doesn’t want that???

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